Grady White: Fisherman 180

Grady White 180 Fisherman

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Main Specifications

Beam Amidships:                              7’5″ (2.26 m)
Center Line Length:                     17’10” (5.44 m)
Bridge Clearance:                              5’7″ (1.70 m)
Cockpit Depth:                                     22″ (0.56 m)
Hull Draft:                                            15″ (0.38 m)
Transom Deadrise:                             19 degrees
Maximum HP:                                   150(112 kW)
Fuel Capacity :                  Standard 54 gal. (204 l)
Passenger Capacity:                         7
Weight w/o Engine:                   2150 lb. (975 kg)

Optional Features
Boat Options
Battery select switch w/second batteryBattery select switch w/second battery
     CE certification package
Cockpit freshwater shower (recessed) w/10-gallon (38 l) water tankCockpit freshwater shower (recessed) w/10-gallon (38 l) water tank
Engine flush system w/hose attachment aftEngine flush system w/hose attachment aft
High bow railHigh bow rail
Hull color - Celestial Blue, Coastal Fog Blue, Sand, Sea Glass or Seaport Blue gelcoat; Cape Gray or Harbor Blue paintHull color – Celestial Blue, Coastal Fog Blue, Sand, Sea Glass or Seaport Blue gelcoat; Cape Gray or Harbor Blue paint
Hydraulic trim tabs w/indicator & retractorHydraulic trim tabs w/indicator & retractor
Seating - forward platform cushionsSeating – forward platform cushions
Ski pylonSki pylon Steering – hydraulic tilt
Washdown - pressurized raw water w/hoseWashdown – pressurized raw water w/hose
Canvas Options

Bimini top w/boot (navy)Bimini top w/boot (navy)

7 Best reasons to buy Grady Whites
REASON 1: Exceptional Attention to Detail

By paying exceptional attention to detail, we build better boats. There is not just one element but a combination of factors that allows us to accomplish such excellence. Of course this includes better hardware, superior laminates, structural integrity, unsinkable foam flotation—quality components you will not find in other brands. From product design, to the materials, to the craftsmen; from our factory environment, workflow and the tools we use; from customer support, Captain Grady, and superb dealer training—all of these come together to provide a boat that is unequalled in elegant form and exquisite function, and a boating experience that is unmatched. The look and feel of a Grady-White stands tall and proud. Visitors to the plant always comment on the happy, focused team they meet when touring our facility, and the pride evident in their work. Our craftsmen are very thorough and highly experienced. Our designers and engineers are meticulous. Every person in every position contributes to the accomplishment of delivering the product satisfaction and reliability that you expect and deserve. For us, this is not an eight-hour-a-day devotion. It’s our way of life. Our team has produced better boats longer and more consistently than any other manufacturer, year after year. Together, we build a safer, more reliable, higher performing boat that provides immeasurable long-term value. Through exceptional attention to detail, we provide an ownership experience that will delight you, your family and friends with memories that last a lifetime.

REASON 2: Heritage

Established in 1959 in Greenville, North Carolina, Grady-White has earned a legendary reputation for building ruggedly elegant coastal fishing boats, developing great craftsmen, and nurturing strong customer relationships. Since buying the company in 1968, Eddie Smith has set the bar high for the Grady-White team to achieve uncompromising quality through exceptional attention to detail. Today this results in a company that embodies integrity, pride in work well done, and care for customer and community. This is a part of every boat we build. These principles, and hard work, have built an unrivaled record of superior quality, reliability, safety, performance, and long-lasting value. Grady-White’s secret to success is listening to customers, then having engaged leadership and craftsmen incorporate new ideas into features and products that truly enhance function and enjoyment. This intense focus on customers and the team’s exceptional attention to detail are fundamental to the impassioned leadership of Kris Carroll, a Grady-White team member since 1975, making her Eddie’s natural choice as president in 1993. Notably, she was the first woman president of a major boat company, and remains one of the few in the industry today. Because Eddie Smith has always respected the environment and understands that outdoor recreation is a great gift to be protected for the future, Grady-White upholds these values and the company continues to be a steadfast advocate for and contributor to fisheries conservation, education, and waterways management. Grady-White is proud to invest in enriching the lives of many people—our customers, employees, suppliers and our community—through our boats, our time, our resources, our passion for learning, and, most of all, our hearts. This is who we are, yesterday, today and tomorrow. We invite you to learn more about us and the boats we build.

REASON 3: Design Integrity

Everyone here at Grady-White is emotionally committed to building the best boat possible for every customer. We are in touch with our customers. We meet them through factory visits, Grady Owners’ Clubs, boat shows and dealer events. We personally answer calls, letters and emails. We read every customer survey, and have two-way communication through our website, publications, informal customer forums and social media as well. Customers inspire us. We get excited about the synergy that results from incorporating their ideas with ours to create new designs (even new patents!) to delight them. As a result, Grady-White delivers satisfaction and value beyond any other manufacturer. Surveys have proven this, and when you ask any Grady-White owner they will tell you: Get the Grady! Aboard a Grady-White, everything is where and what it is because of the precise engineering accomplished by our staff of design professionals who are masters at integrating these customer requests. In addition, we invite other world-class structural and mechanical engineers and aesthetic stylists to enhance our ideas. Every Grady-White is examined and reexamined to make sure we are hitting the mark. We build our boats to be classically elegant and ruggedly durable with incredibly functional features. No one builds a better boat than Grady-White! Of course, we test our designs extensively. North Carolina’s infamous choppy sounds, rough inlets, and often-unpredictable offshore waters make a great testing ground. We design and engineer all the details on our boats to perform superbly even in harsh conditions so you have the confidence to enjoy boating adventures safely, comfortably, and worry-free. The sea does not compromise. Nor should you!

REASON 4: Award-Winning Performance

Grady-White is one of the most renowned saltwater boat manufacturers in the world. Along with highest customer satisfaction, safety, quality, and reliability, and countless awards, Grady-White’s SeaV hull performance has been ranked #1 in each of the eight J.D. Power and Associates Marine Studies ever done. Truth is, boat length for boat length, there is no ride that compares to Grady-White’s. We deliver boating’s driest, softest and most stable ride through our unique multi-faceted hull design. Grady-White’s hull shape continuously sharp-ens from the transom to the bow, ranging from under 20 degrees deadrise at the stern to a sea-cutting 30 degrees or so amidships, then reaching a wave-slicing 50-plus degrees at the bow. That deeper vee forward means a softer ride you won’t find on other hulls. Less vee at the transom gives superior stability when you need it. The softness of a SeaV2 hull is accomplished without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The sharp point of entry, teamed with the buoyancy provided by the varying deadrise, really cuts through the water. Experienced captains will tell you, “The SeaV2 hull tracks like it’s on rails,” giving superior performance in quartering and following seas. If you watch the spray coming off a SeaV2 hull, you can see three wakes: That’s the strakes and chines knocking down spray. This design, combined with the flat hull surfaces, creates the unparalleled dry ride that Grady-White is famous for delivering. Designed exclusively for Grady-White by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, originators of the modified vee, the SeaV2 hull combines all of these features to assure you will have a great day on the water every time you use your boat, no matter what the conditions. Test ride the SeaV2 hull, and you will know the difference!

REASON5: Inspired Workforce, Impassioned Leaders

We believe exceptional communication delivers exceptional results. Every Friday our entire workforce gathers for our “Friday Focus” update. Everyone attends—even visitors! In an engaging atmosphere, we reinforce values and principles and teach serious lessons. We review key goals, issues, and future plans so all team members are in-the-know. All of this is critical to inspiring excellence. Our unique internal mission is for everyone to “enjoy coming to work on Monday like they enjoy going home on Friday,” so we make this a great place for all to work. Leaders ensure that all team members have everything needed to enthusiastically contribute their creative energy. Grady-White is also unique in rewarding team members for reading books that improve not only their work, but also change their lives. Everyone here is the owner of their attitude, their work, and the direction of their lives. We believe exceptionally committed people create exceptional results. Experience enhances our attention to detail. More than 50 of our craftsmen and leaders are members of our Captain’s Club, signifying over 25 years’ experience here at Grady-White. We also have high specific measurable standards for quality and efficiency. Our team all proudly work toward meeting these standards to qualify as “Certified Craftsmen.” In addition, 40 of our team members exceed these high standards to receive special recognition as part of the elite “Master Craftsmen.” Who builds your boat matters. Human hearts and hands are the most important part of boatbuilding. Grady-White produces exceptional quality with engaged, focused and happy craftsmen. We would love for you to come visit us at the factory and see for yourself!

REASON 6: Exceptional Customer Support

At Grady-White, we not only stand behind our boats, but we stand behind you! We’re here to help you have the ultimate boating experience. Take the Captain Grady app: You will discover the ultimate level of confidence when you log on to Captain Grady—our exclusive, industry first, model specific “how-to” app with clear explanations for each boat system that are so simple a novice can operate them like a pro in no time! Need a refresher on generator operation? Need to know that seacock handle location? Have an air conditioning question?  Captain Grady has all the answers, all the time, and with a new Grady-White, the app is free to install on your iPad to provide video demonstrations, written instructions, and reference manuals that instill confidence whether you’re an inexperienced boater or an old salt. There is no other systems information tool like Captain Grady. Ask your dealer or give us a call for a demo! We provide distinctive training and support to develop the most respected dealer representatives in the industry, who provide award-winning sales and service experiences for you. Quality, reliability, and performance are attributes of our dealers as  well as our boats. These exceptional qualities extend to the industry’s top customer support team—the members of our customer relations group. They have the knowledge and experience (over 100 years combined), and none are more qualified to answer all your questions about your Grady-White. In addition, they call each new owner and again after one year to learn about how the boat is performing for you and ways we can improve. They follow through, ensuring all customers are delighted with their boat, dealer and overall ownership experience. Grady-White was named #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates eight years in a row—that’s EVERY year!  No other saltwater boat takes care of customers better than Grady-White, and we have proof!

REASON 7: The Grady Life—A Better Boating Experience

The Grady Life—where exceptional attention to detail becomes exceptional fun! There is a rich “Grady family” relationship among owners. We hear over and over, “You meet the nicest people on a Grady!” That spirit and love of a great get-together are part of the reason for Grady-White Owners’ Clubs. Visit a gathering, and you’ll want to come back! Grady Owners’ Club and dealership events are the social hub for The Grady Life. Activities include tournaments, seminars, customer appreciation parties, overnights and day trips. All of this builds confidence for new or broadened adventures, whether a local raft-up, lunch cruise or a multi-day ocean passage. Exceptional camaraderie extends across regions with clubs joining together for seasonal tournaments, annual Gradypaloozas, and the mother of all Grady gatherings, Grady Fest. Grady owners are a great source of information for all kinds of tips, recipes for cooking onboard, boating wisdom and local knowledge. You may even hear about a new fishing hotspot or dream cruise! Grady owner get-togethers give us the opportunity to learn, laugh and play alongside our customers.  This way we can design products to delight and inspire you, our customers, just the way you delight and inspire us! We build boats that create relaxation, fun and fabulous memories—a great way to recharge emotional batteries! Check out the Grady-White website for fabulous photographs from customers around the world and see the calendar of events. Follow Grady enthusiasts in social media as they recount their memories of a lifetime. Whether it’s your first boat or your twentieth, a new Grady-White is the best boat to own, and The Grady Life is the best boating lifestyle. We can’t wait to share the Grady-White difference with you! Get the Grady!


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Winning Performance: The Grady White SeaV² Hull

Grady-White’s SeaV2 hull is like no other, with a moderate deadrise at the stern and steadily increasing deadrise forward to the bow.

Along with highest customer satisfaction, safety, quality, reliability and countless awards, Grady-White’s exclusive SeaV2 hull performance has been ranked #1 in each of the eight J. D. Power Associates Marine Studies ever done. Truth is, boat length for boat length, there is no ride like Grady-White’s. No other brand offers you anything like the benefits of this clearly superior design. The SeaV2 is a “continuously variable vee” hull that delivers a soft and stable ride. Unlike other brands, a SeaV2 hull design has no two places on the keel where the deadrise is the same. The vee continuously sharpens from the transom to the bow stem. A SeaV2 hull with 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom will have around 30 degrees amidships—more than even the most radical older deep vee designs. The deeper vee forward means a softer ride at sea. Less vee at the transom coupled with wide chines provide stability at rest and when trolling.

The two strakes and the chine of a SeaV2 hull cut through water, providing lift, stability and a drier ride.

A SeaV2 hull tracks as if the boat is on rails. The unique hull form and variable deadrise of a SeaV2 hull have tremendous righting force, giving incredible tracking in quartering seas and especially in following seas. Strakes and chines knock the spray down cold. Check the spray coming off a SeaV2 hull. You can actually see three bow wakes in smooth water. That’s the individual deflectors working. This is the reason SeaV2 hulls run drier than boats with rounded sections that blow spray past the strakes and chines and into the cockpit.

Bow flare, high freeboard and chine angle allow more vee in the water for a smooth ride at any speed.

Grady-White delivers a deep vee ride with modified vee efficiency. Unlike other deep vee hulls, SeaV2 hulls provide a soft ride without fuel efficiency loss. A SeaV2 hull slices through seas effortlessly with a sharp point of entry, and the varying deadrise builds buoyancy that lifts the boat as it proceeds through waves. Result: better performance. SeaV2 hulls are designed exclusively for Grady-White by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, the originators of the modified vee. All of these features together assure you will have the best day on the water you’ve ever had, no matter what conditions you encounter.

Capstan Marine: 604-273-9048
Fisherman 180 Customer Reviews
Fisherman 180 Best boat ever Guts in the wake, grace at high speed and stability in the ocean. My Grady Fisherman 180 is an amazing boat.- Warminster, PA - October 7, 2016
Fisherman 180 High End Craftman Ship My boat feels, looks and rides great. Amazing design and engineering perfectly executed by master craftsmen.- Balboa Island, CA - December 17, 2016
Another Grady Just bought my fourth Grady but first new one. I have owned a total of 8 boats and visited boat factories including Grady White, Aquasport, Chesapeake boats, Sabreliner, Steiger Craft and Viking. My boats have been as small as a GW Spitit 17 and as large as a SeaRay 30 Sundancer. The overall experience re Grady is unmatched.- Cape May, NJ - October 3, 2016
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